Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Show-us interruptus?

This last week has been rather busy as I was roped in to help with Front of House for the local choir's autumn show. I know this is not strictly village-based, but bear with me. It's the kind of thing that *would* happen in the village, and there are people connected with it from the village.  The show was a full-blown musical production with orchestra and everything, and watching the dress-rehearsal looked pretty amazing, but the front of house team (and probably the rest of the folks behind it too, though I didn't have much to do with them) were all rather frazzled because it was a new venue for them.  Normally this wouldn't be a problem, but apparently, according to Annabelle, who is a friend of a friend of Jennie's and was running the team, they'd only had three weeks' notice of the change of venue.

I was telling Verity about it over a hastily grabbed coffee on Monday, after it was all over, as I hadn't had a chance to chat to her when she turned up with a group of her 'ladies' at the Friday evening performance.  "It seems very odd that they should have so little notice that their venue wasn't available," I told her.  Annabelle had been rather busy so she hadn't been able to tell me anything.

"Well, what did they expect?" Verity almost snorted, though she would never do anything as inelegant as that, not in company.

"What do you mean?" I asked.  "Do you know something?"

This was a silly question, as Verity is so well-connected that she knows most things about the local area, some of it true.  And if she has been correctly informed, I suppose the change was rather predictable.  Without naming names, a member of the senior management team at the school where they were originally going to perform found out that his wife had been having an affair with a member of the choir, and said affair had been going on for some time (Verity thought years, though she wouldn't swear to that). When said cuckold also discovered that the choir hadn't got anything in writing about using the premises for their show, he immediately arranged for the premises to be withdrawn.  Hence the need to find an alternative staging point in next to no time.

"Of course," Verity added, "the school are denying it. The official version is that an electrical fault has been discovered that is a fire hazard. But everyone knows that's just a cover.  Right, got to go."  And she left without even asking for a biscuit.  She's up to something.  She would never leave without having half a biscuit.  Unfortunately, I shall have to wait until she tells me, because I just don't have the contacts she does!

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  1. Oh the agony is suspenseful. Come on Verity, tell!