Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Oh the irony...

    Susan has just been round selling poppies again - she did try last week, but I must have been out or busy or something.  Anyway, she was also able to tell me that the police have found out who broke into the school - and it must be true, because Annie told her and the buzz is all around the playgroup.

   Apparently, Carol and Tony had been going on at home and to anyone who would listen about how the school was at risk because of all the church silver being there, and their darling teenage son, who has a few disreputable friends it would seem, decided to investigate.  He and a couple of said disreputable friends broke in, failed to find any church silver (which the vicar is keeping at his burglar-alarmed vicarage) so they ate the last of the biscuits in the staff room, drew a few rude pictures on the whiteboards with the wrong kind of pen so it won't wash off, and then left.  It was their handwriting and sloppy spelling that gave them away as much as the bragging on the school bus  the following day.

   Needless to say, Carol and Tony's picket of the school has now stopped and their younger children were brought to school by a neighbour.

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