Sunday, 6 November 2011

Catching Up

I've written a blog entry for posting several times since the last update, and each time I have been overtaken by events.  So rather than post each of them and bore you with old news, here is a brief synopsis.

First, just days after a news item on thieves stealing cables and BT showing how complicated the innards of such cables are and my saying to the OH thank goodness that hasn't happened here, it happened here.  Consequently the village was without phone or internet for several days, rejoining the modern world piecemeal as the cable was repaired, except for those who had a reasonable mobile signal, which wasn't many.

I was all ready to tell you about that and the forthcoming play in my next post, especially since the OH and I were both helping with the front of house and could have thrown some light on backstage shenanigans.  Unfortunately, the backstage shenanigans, in the form of the leading lady falling off the stage during the dress rehearsal after too many gins to delay her nerves and breaking her ankle, led to a rather subdued pair of performances and a last-minute Caroline, who was going to be the prompt, reading the part on stage with a book in her hand.  The cast all did their best but it really wasn't quite the same.  The director was seen muttering backstage after the second performance that he'll be banning all alcohol until after the shows next year - so good luck with a) attracting a cast under such rules, and b) enforcing it.

On the Monday, Halloween, the school had been planning a costume/charity day, in which the children came to school in their costumes rather than pestering elderly village residents in the evening, paid a small amount to go towards a charity but still received lots of sweets courtesy of the teachers and the PTA.  However, because the church is still squatting in the school hall, the vicar had made his disapproval very clear and the event was cancelled.  Carol and Tony and their chums were all picketing the school at home time, fashionably damp in the costumes they and their children had been wearing all day since they had been kept out of school in protest at what Carol calls 'church brainwashing'.

Then, on Thursday, the police were round.  The school had been broken into on Wednesday night and cupboards rifled, though nothing significant seemed to have been taken.  Carol, naturally, has told the police that clearly the thieves were looking for the church silverware and that the children are in danger of further attacks as long as the church insists on sharing the space, but the sergeant seemed pretty sceptical about at least part of this explanation when he asked me for any suggestions as to who it might have been.

On top of all that, Celeste has announced that she's taking time out from her university course to be a chalet maid in Switzerland.  No amount of pleading with her on the telephone could convince her of the error of her ways, her rationale being based largely on the fact that Switzerland is not in the eurozone.  Her father is not speaking to her and disappears off to the pub whenever I raise the subject.  I can only hope that November, after a dodgy start, is an improvement on October.

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