Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Tuesday 16th November

                Given that I now have a party to go to and some house guests on Friday night, I thought it might be an idea to tidy up a bit.  It’s a funny thing how my daughter’s room remains relatively tidy no matter what happens in there – not that Ronnie was having late night parties or anything – but my son’s room always looks as though as bomb has hit it (and it’s not an unpopular place).  George seems to have a knack for distributing the smallest number of things over the maximum number of surfaces, and once he’s done that a few times, you’re left wondering where to start.  However, I think I’ve got it more or less under control now, after a day spent up there rearranging cables and stuffing boxes into cupboards.  I’ll vacuum and polish later in the week when there’s less time for the dust to spoil it before someone has to sleep in there.  
Fortunately the weather has been foul today, so it was no hardship at all to stay home.   Fog apparently cleared in the local towns but of course, because we’re a village, the microclimate or something meant that we had a grey haze over the entire day.  I had wondered about getting Colin to tidy up the sort-of cut he did last week, but once I’d decided not to leave the house, that was removed from the plan.  And Verity, in case you’re reading this and worrying about Hedonism, when I say ‘I decided not to leave the house’, I meant by car.  Of course I walked round the corner to feed the cat!
I’m hoping the weather is a bit nicer tomorrow because not only does my hair need its trim, but a party is a good excuse for a shopping expedition.  The forecast does not look promising, however.

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