Monday, 15 November 2010

Monday 15th November

                It was a really cold start to the day again and I could probably have done without Chloe coming and banging on the door, telling me to come out and get some fresh air.  However, she does it in such a charming way that it’s difficult not to join her.  The windscreens were all still coated in ice and Chloe warned me that the roads were a bit slippy in places.  I wrapped up with scarf and gloves in addition to tracksuit top and bottoms and we set off. 
                Naturally, after a while, with a little running thrown in to augment the walking, I’d worked up a serious sweat.  We were hooted at one point as some of the school-run folks headed off to their various destinations, but that was probably Chloe rather than me, to be honest.  Red head or not, she’s more likely to attract a wolf-whistle than I am.
                When we got back, Chloe was quite keen to practise some squats and press-ups, but I was rather more enthusiastic about a cup of tea, so we compromised and had a cup of tea first, using up the rest of the time she had with a few lunges.  Chloe thinks I’m improving and asked how often I’d been going to the gym in the meantime.
                “Gym? Me? Umm...”
                At which point, I got a general rebuke that I could look forward to receiving each week if I don’t get some other exercise in the course of the week.  Chloe then shot off to see Jenny, who had asked about having some sessions with her.
                Verity phoned a bit later.  “Did you get my message?”
                “What message?”
                “That although we’re back in the country we had to stay in London for a few days, so could you carry on feeding Hedonism for a bit longer?  Didn’t he tell you?  Bloody men!  Poor Heddy, he’ll be starving.”
                Thinking of the overall size and shape of Hedonism, I privately doubted that but reassured Verity that I had fed Hedonism on Saturday morning, so he’d only gone one day without additional food.  She got off the phone quite quickly (for her) so that I could go and ensure that Hedonism hadn’t faded away to nothing.  As the saying goes, fat chance!
                I stayed in for the rest of the day.  I should probably have done some work in the garden, which I don’t seem to have touched for ages, but frankly it was so cold, I couldn’t face it.  There was only one other item of interest, and that was an invitation from Delyth to a birthday party on Friday.
                “I’m sorry it’s such short notice,” she said.  “I was checking on the replies at the weekend and noticed you weren’t on it.  And then I realised that when I’d sent the invites out, I hadn’t really known you.  I mean, I knew you by sight, as it were, but I didn’t Know you.”
                I assured her that I knew what she meant and mentally went through my calendar for the week.  Friday evening was clear so I told her that the OH and I would be glad to come.
                “I don’t suppose you’d be able to put up one or two of my guests who are coming from further afield, would you?  Otherwise they run the risk of drinking and driving...”  She did at least sound apologetic asking this.
                “I’m sure that’ll be fine,” I told her.  Liberty Hall, this.  The kids certainly seem to think so, why shouldn’t everyone else!

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