Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Wednesday 13th October

Today is being a very strange day.  The television has been on all day, low volume, tuned to BBC news so that I can watch as each miner returns to the surface.  I’m not Chilean, I’ve never been to Chile, I have only ever had one Chilean friend that I know of, and yet I feel for these men and their families, and have been unable to concentrate on much as I follow their progress.  I was almost resentful of Chloe when she arrived at 9 o’clock, as promised, to take me out for an exercise session.
Well.  I didn’t think I was particularly fit, but for someone my age I was quite pleased.  We did some power-walking around the village, half-jogging at times, dodging into the road to get past the mums ambling back from the school ‘run’, and then I tried doing boxercise, a form of exercise designed to exhaust  one’s body of both oxygen and aggression.  I have new respect for boxers now.  They may not be that clever, volunteering to have brain damage like that, but my goodness they must be fit!  Chloe also offered to put a tape-measure to various parts of my body too, but I declined that one; I already know that my waistline is over the government’s preferred 32 inches.  However, it was such fun, that I’ve asked Chloe if we can make it a regular thing. 
Also, it should be mentioned, we went past the end of Deirdre’s road as we jogged through the village and I could see a police car parked outside.  I thought she might be back but when I tried phoning later there was still no answer.
So back home, feeling virtuous after all that exercise, it was time to try making some more biscuits for my proposed business enterprise.  Unfortunately, I was so caught up in the TV coverage from Chile that the first two batches ended up with singed edges: fine for home consumption, but I couldn’t sell them even for charity.  I gave up wasting resources, thought briefly about doing the ironing in front of the TV and then remembered the concept of distracted singeing.  So I’m writing my blog a little early.  I shall be out this evening anyway – there was an email late last night inviting me to a ‘talk’ about the future of books and booksellers, so I thought it would be a good opportunity to get out and meet some people – Verity surely will approve.
The side of my tongue where I bit it yesterday still hurts.  I wonder if it’s possible to have an infected tongue.

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