Monday, 25 October 2010

Saturday 23rd October

Today is the birthday of the chap who was best man at our wedding, some little while ago!  He doesn’t even live in the UK anymore, so thank goodness for the internet.  A regular exchange of emails is about all we can manage these days, so before Celeste could phone and berate me again for not taking her advice (when did we switch roles?), I bravely logged onto Facebook and set up an account.  Then I went looking for our best man.
And there he was, photographed in all his glory, at some all-American do six years previously.  I’ve asked him to be my friend and left a message at the same time wishing him happy birthday.  Whether it will be quite the same as a real birthday card, time will tell, but there is slightly more chance of him receiving it, whereas a postcard I sent from Norway during our summer holiday there to Verity is yet to arrive.  She doesn’t quite believe I sent her a postcard as a result, so I can see the advantage of the electronic version.
Real friends have been rather more apparent today.  Delyth popped round to find out what progress I had been making with marketing my biscuits and was pleased to know that I had been trying!
“Packaging is important,” she agreed, when I told her what the woman at the deli had said.  “How’s your origami?”
I did my best somewhat askance look, but Delyth was serious.  “If we get some coloured card and you fold it suitably, that’s your packaging.  Print out some sticky labels  with a name and contact number on it, in case anyone wants to order their own private batch, and Bob’s your uncle.”
She made it all sound so simple, so I promised to find an old origami book of Celeste’s and practise card-folding.  Delyth said she could find some labels at work that no-one would miss for a trial run and told me about a shop in one of the nearby (but not nearest) towns that would sell suitable card.  “Tell them what you need it for, so that they sell you the right thickness.”
Despite Celeste having gone up to university, her room is still full of most of her things – I wonder at times if she’s taken anything with her, but I know the car was packed – so it took some time before I found the book I had been thinking of.  By which time, I certainly wasn’t driving a twenty-five mile round trip to buy some card – it’ll have to wait till next week.  
The evening was spent at the 21st birthday party of one of the children in the village, complete with bonfire and the first fireworks of the season.  Doubtless some pet-owners will have been unhappy, but there weren’t very many, and it was a good chance to see some of the people I know in the village but never meet up with because they work full-time now that their children are older.
Speaking of pet-owners, the cat from yesterday has been moved.  I hope by its owner.

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