Monday, 21 May 2012

Returning to what passes for Normal

   Finally, I'm back! I was all set to tell you what happened when I went to see Joe, and all about the local elections, and some other stuff about what's going on, when the OH came back from Japan.
  "Pack your bags, I have to be in Newcastle for the next few days or so, and I can't be in the same country as you and not see you!"
   He's such a romantic...
The next few days turned into the best part of two weeks, and the OH has only just returned to the Far East.  Consequently, I have not been to see Joe yet and I only found out the result of the election by chance.  You will be unastonished to learn that the local independent who was campaigning on the return of the dog licence, mostly by following dog-walkers around with an apparently unending supply of small plastic bags and shouting at them to poop and scoop, was not elected and instead, a new Tory councillor who rejoices in the name Horatio Chamberlain (no surprises there, on both counts.  We are a rural area, after all) will be representing us on the local council.  He doesn't live in this village so I can't tell you much about him, especially since his leaflet was used to clear up an 'accident' that one of the cats had while I was away.  Katy was not very apologetic but then she was a bit of a last resort.  I had phoned Verity to see if she could finally return the favour and feed my invisible cats for me, but she was so vague about when she might be able to do it, that I asked in the post office instead, and Katy was volunteered by her mum, whom I recognised from my work at the school.  Most of the post was still on the front-door mat and the house-plants were all looking a little desperate, so once I've attempted to restore my home to a level of normality, I shall go and see Joe.  And make a hair-appointment.  Some of the insults those folk in Newcastle come up with can be very hurtful!

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