Thursday, 18 August 2011


   Looking out of the window this morning, my plans to contemplate the garden and possibly even do some work in it were immediately jettisoned and instead I thought I might do some restoration work on George’s room.  Joe arrived at 8.30 in his wellingtons, which he dutifully left by the back door before heading upstairs, and it looked as though the day would be damp but normal.
   All of which was out the window after a phone call at around 9.30.  I nearly didn’t hear the phone, some of the walls in this house are so thick, but when I did, I answered to Suzie Brown, one of the ladies from the poetry group.  I never went to the May meeting, I felt so bad about my calendar poem, and besides, Verity wasn’t around to go with me.  But it seems that I was missed and my minimalistic contributions appreciated.
  “The next meeting is tomorrow, which I know doesn’t leave you much time, but we’d love to see you again.  You could write a haiku – it’s only three lines!  It’s at Claire’s, but it’s really difficult finding her house the first time you go there, so I’ll pick you up just after 7. Okay?”
   I do remember Suzie, she was very enthusiastic about everyone’s poems but it’s probably kinder that way.  So I decided to reciprocate and fall in with her plans.  I don’t see myself as a serious poet so it’s really just another way of being sociable.  Meanwhile, I had to find out what a haiku was.  Three lines sounded plausibly achievable.
   I tried to google it, but wasn’t quite sure which site would be the most helpful.  Fortunately, Joe came down for his coffee break so I was able to ask him for his opinion.
   “Yes, haiku would be easier for a beginner.  Three lines, no rhymes, just a syllable count.  Of course, getting the turn in could be harder, but it’ll come with practice.”
   No rhyming sounded promising but I was a bit worried about this turn business.  Joe helped me find a page on Wikipedia, which explained what the rules of haiku are and then went on to say that there aren’t any rules in English haiku. I sighed heavily and Joe said, “Perhaps you should just start to read some other poetry and engage with poets generally.”  He set up some bookmarks for me for a few people and places that he’s come across -,, and and then grabbed the last of the cherry oatmeal cookies before heading back upstairs.  I’ve had a look around, but this is my best effort so far.  Not sure what tomorrow evening’s response will be.

Unending raindrops
cascade to patio pools.
Summer? I think not.

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